Intel Agency

Your comprehensive management platform

Comprehensive Network Management

  • Staff, Broker, Promoter, Shop/Agent View
  • Intuitive Navigation and Control
  • Network Search Capability
  • Context Sensitive Viewing

Extensive Network Commission Options

  • Flat Rate, Tiered, Conditional
  • Turnover, Profit, Shared Loss
  • Minimum Revenue Guarantee
  • Minimum Wager, Minimum Bet Count
  • Ad-Hoc Commissions and incentives

Real-Time Monitoring & Analytics

  • Network performance measurements
  • Banking Signups and Active Reporting
  • Revenue Tracking by Player, Game, Device type etc.
  • Active / Inactive Player Tracking

Direct Sports Betting Support

  • Integrations with Leading Sports Betting Systems
  • Allows Agency / Shop betting for Registered Players

Full Payment Options

  • Card, E-Wallet, etc.
  • In-Shop Cash where applicable

Transactions/Revenue Reporting

  • Multi-Level Reporting
  • Casino, Sports etc
  • Banking
  • Commissions

Mutli-Channel Support

  • Fully Responsive
  • Mobile, Desktop, Tablet

Intel Agent

The only Agency & Retail management solution for iGaming

OMEGA’s Agency System gives brokers and agents the ability to configure commissions, payments and access detailed reporting across multiple currencies and platforms. Unrivalled real-time monitoring and analytics gives complete transparency and control across the network.

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