& Loyalty

Omni Platform Bonus System

  • Unified Bonus Across Multiple Gaming Products
  • Real-time Bonus Award for Sports, Casino Bingo
  • Multi-Brand Support
  • Automated Awards, Sequencing, Expiration
  • Detailed Reporting and Notifications
  • Centralized Management and Control

Loyalty Engine

  • Not only easily configurable but manageable in real time to keep customers incentivised.
  • Great promotional tool for customer retention
  • Loyalty points accumulator
  • Configurable Loyalty Game & Currency Ratios

Loyalty Shop

  • OMEGA offers a complete Loyalty Shop API.
  • Our API offers flexibility to operators to devise their own strategies.
  • Players can redeem their loyalty points for freespins, bonuses & Items.

Automatic Free Spins Management

  • Manage all suppliers' freespin awards from a single interface
  • Automated freespin Grants on Signup, Deposit etc.
  • Enhance bonuses with freespin additions