OMEGA Systems Integrates Flutterwave

OMEGA Systems is pleased to announce the integration of Flutterwave, a payments technology company founded in 2016 and headquartered in San Francisco with operations in over 33 African countries.

Flutterwave is currently one of the fastest growing payment companies in the world, with a mission to build modern infrastructure to enable payments technology for African companies to connect with the global economy.

“Adding Flutterwave to our available payment providers was a crucial step to ensure that our clients have the best financial tools available to target their customers across the African continent”, said Peter van Tuyl, Chief Operating Officer with OMEGA Systems.

OMEGA clients operating in Africa can now avail of this flexible payment gateway for platforms powered by OMEGA Systems Software.

About OMEGA: Quietly brilliant; at OMEGA Systems we don’t make noise – we deliver. We’re the management engine working silently in the background helping to power your creation and enrich your player’s gaming experience. Independence and power is key to fuelling a successful gaming operation, and OMEGA allows clients to take control of their own data, operations and player management. We’ll guide you without dictating your actions; we’ll connect you to more than 260 providers and we’ll enhance your players’ experience without complication. Our ISO-certified system is seamless, flexible, and ready to power your dream, making it the only gaming platform software you’ll need.

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