OMEGA integrates with KYC provider Sumsub

OMEGA integrates with London based, cutting-edge identity verification and KYC provider, Sumsub. The addition of Sumsub’s advanced identity verification technology into our platform, reinforces our dedication to maintaining the highest standards of security and compliance available to CORE clients.

“As the online gaming industry continues to regulate, ensuring a secure and safe environment for verified users is paramount. The integration of Sumsub into CORE, promises to deliver our clients a seamless and robust solution for identity verification, fraud prevention, regulatory compliance” said Patrick Mann, CCO at OMEGA Systems.

About OMEGA Systems: 

Quietly brilliant; at OMEGA Systems we don’t make noise – we deliver. We’re the management engine working silently in the background helping to power your creation and enrich your player’s gaming experience. Independence and power is key to fueling a successful gaming operation, and OMEGA allows clients to take control of their own data, operations and player management. We’ll guide you without dictating your actions; we’ll connect you to more than 260 providers and we’ll enhance your players’ experience without complication. Our ISO-certified system is seamless, flexible, and ready to power your dream, making it the only gaming platform you’ll need.

About Sumsub:

Sumsub is a leading identity verification and KYC (Know Your Customer) solution that empowers businesses to seamlessly verify user identities while ensuring compliance with regulatory standards. With a focus on security and efficiency, Sumsub provides a comprehensive suite of tools for secure onboarding and user authentication.

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