OMEGA Systems Integrates Award Winning KYC and AML Solution IDComply

OMEGA Systems is pleased to announce the integration of GeoComply’s all-in-one KYC and AML solution, IDComply. This solution streamlines operators’ KYC and AML processes through increasing user acceptance by checking users’ IDs against multiple KYC vendors. It improves success rates through automated data verification that reduces the need for manual reviews. IDComply’s engine allows operators to stay on top of KYC requirements across all jurisdictions.

“The integration of IDComply is a perfect way to compliment the addition of GeoComply. It offers an award winning KYC and AML services to the global market.” said Peter Van Tuyl, COO at OMEGA Systems. “This additions gives our clients a complete integration and keeps OMEGA’s trend of supporting leading KYC solutions.”

About OMEGA: Quietly brilliant; at OMEGA Systems we don’t make noise – we deliver. We’re the management engine working silently in the background helping to power your creation and enrich your player’s gaming experience. Independence and power is key to fueling a successful gaming operation, and OMEGA allows clients to take control of their own data, operations and player management. We’ll guide you without dictating your actions; we’ll connect you to more than 260 providers and we’ll enhance your players’ experience without complication. Our ISO-certified system is seamless, flexible, and ready to power your dream, making it the only gaming platform you’ll need.

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