OMEGA Systems Integrates with Trulioo

Canadian based company Trulioo, has been added to OMEGA System’s extensive catalogue of AML/KYC identity verification solutions available to our customers. Trulioo has gained the reputation of being one the most robust and comprehensive global identity verification solution in a wide range of industries.

It has increased its share with gaming operators, with identity and business verification service in 195+ countries. “As more & more markets regulate, there is an onus on operators to perform enhanced due-diligence on players. As volumes grow, this process can be burdensome. Adding Trulioo to the list of 3rd party KYC solutions on OMEGA’s platform software, affirms our commitment to supporting our clients and their goals” says Patrick Mann, CCO at OMEGA.

About OMEGA Systems

OMEGA Systems is an Enterprise Systems Software and Consulting company. Through its robust back office, OMEGA CORE, it provides all the essential player services Operators, Aggregator & Agency would need. OMEGA Systems provides online Platform development for clients across a wide range of markets. Integrated with over 210 third party providers, OMEGA CORE provides a complete, continuously evolving platform, perfect for operators and aggregators looking to take greater control over the daily running of their business.

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