OMEGA Systems integrates with OPay

OPay’s one-stop mobile based platform for payments and transfers, is now available to OMEGA CORE clients, who will be able to tap into its 35+ million registered and active users across Nigeria. OPay provides OMEGA-licensed operators an alternative payment solution for these markets.

“OMEGA clients are constantly expanding into regulated markets and with the addition of OPAY, we provide our licensees the ability to seamlessly enter the African market. As a mobile first continent, OPAY’s slick and responsive payment gateway works hand in hand with OMEGA’s backend to ensure a great end-user experience and enhanced payment management” said Maurice El-Hajj, Account Manager at OMEGA Systems.

About OMEGA Systems: 

Quietly brilliant; at OMEGA Systems we don’t make noise – we deliver. We’re the management engine working silently in the background helping to power your creation and enrich your player’s gaming experience. Independence and power is key to fueling a successful gaming operation, and OMEGA allows clients to take control of their own data, operations and player management. We’ll guide you without dictating your actions; we’ll connect you to more than 260 providers and we’ll enhance your players’ experience without complication. Our ISO-certified system is seamless, flexible, and ready to power your dream, making it the only gaming platform you’ll need.

About OPay

Based in Lagos, Nigeria, OPay’s mission is to deepen financial inclusion in the African continent through its technology. The company was founded by Opera Norway AS Group with footprints in emerging markets across Asia, Africa and Latin America in countries like Mexico, Nigeria, Egypt and Pakistan.

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